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When did YouTube move to allowing 15-minute uploads?

When uploading a video today to Voxeo's YouTube channel, I noticed that videos can now be up to 15 minutes in length:


When did this happen?  You used to be limited to 10 minutes. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  With my Emerging Tech Talk video podcast, I try to keep each episode to down around 5-7 minutes, but sometimes I've been in a really good interview and it's felt rushed at the end to keep it down under the 10-minute mark.

Also, with longer presentations from conferences and events, I've considered posting those to YouTube as segments, but with an hour-long talk that would have meant 6 ten-minute segments, which seemed too much for me. As a result, I've been posting those long videos to our channel. With a 15-minute limit, I could break those hour-long sessions into only 4 segments, which is much better to me.

Regardless of when that limit was changed, I'm just very happy that it was changed!

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