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Dear Facebook, can you PLEASE give us notifications for new Page comments/links?

Dear Facebook,

Can you please help us out here?  You see, we've come to understand that so much of the conversation these days is happening within the pretty walls of your garden. We like it.  We write there. We play there. We post photos. All is happy.

Some of us have even created Facebook "Pages" for various parts of our lives.  We've created Pages for our businesses or employers, schools, churches, community groups, bands, bars, blogs, causes, projects and pretty much anything else we want to promote.  I've done it myself for a book I wrote and also maintain my employer's Page (Voxeo).


Here's the problem.  There are certain <expletives deleted> unethical people who believe that they have a right to fill up your Facebook Page with links to whatever products or services they are paid to shill.  So they find your Facebook Page and leave posts on your Wall or add them as Links.

They are slimy spammers - and their garbage pollutes our Page and detracts from the conversations we want to have.

Sure, we as "Page administrators" can remove the postings to our Page, BUT WE HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT THEM FIRST!

This is the crux of the problem.  After all this time, you still don't provide any way for us to know when someone has posted something to our Page.  Sure, you give us a weekly email summary of the activity on our pages... but that doesn't really help us know what has been posted.

We have to keep going to back to each Page and checking now and then to make sure spammers aren't polluting our page!

facebookemail.jpgBut what I don't get, dear Facebook, is why this is so hard to do... I mean, you send email notifications for practically everything else that goes on within your pretty walls!  Most of my personal email inbox these days seems to be filled up with various notifications of who commented on what and who wrote on my wall and who sent me this and who did what to whom...

In fact, I can even get all those notifications by text message and receive them "in the moment" on my mobile phone.

So you are already notifying-us-to-death, Facebook... but why can't you give us the one notification that we as content creators within your walls really need?   I mean, part of the point of Pages seems to be so that we'll buy ads to promote our pages and get more "Likers" (side note: what the heck was wrong with "Fans"? It was so much easier to say).

So if we're creating pages to then create ads to then give you MONEY, wouldn't it make sense to help us out a bit?

Just send us yet another notification or text message whenever someone posts something new to our Pages.  Can it really be that hard for you to do?

Thanks for listening (or not),


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