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Do you need a "Chief Marketing Technologist?"

That was the question Mashable asked last week in a post "Should Your Company Have a Chief Marketing Technologist?", reporting on a recent presentation by Scott Brinker, president and CTO of ion interactive. Both the Mashable article and the transcript Scott posted to his Chiefmartec.com site make for useful reading. He describes a "Chief Marketing Technologist" as:

“… someone who has a hybrid between business and technology, a strong background in engineering and IT, is an early adopter of technology, but someone who also understands the pragmatic realities of scaling technology. But most importantly, someone who brings those skills and combines them with a deep love and passion for the marketing mix. This is a technologist that reports to the CMO, not the CIO.”

In his slides, he identifies 3 missions for the role:

  1. Help the CMO translate strategy into technology (and vice versa).
  2. Choreograph data and technology across the marketing organization.
  3. Fuse technology into the DNA of marketing - practices, people and culture.

It's well worth a read, in my opinion. Given that my own role is a fusion of a technologist and a marketer, I agreed with many of his points.

The question is for you - do you have someone in your marketing team who is looking at the technology side of the picture and finding ways to enable your marketing team to be more effective, agile, stronger?

Scott Brinker's slides are below:

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