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How to add Google Analytics tracking to Unbounce landing pages

Lately, I've become quite a fan of using Unbounce.com for the creation of quick landing pages.  I've used the site now for various ad campaigns, email newsletter links, print ads and more.  What I like in particular is that it is so very easy to try out multiple variations of a landing page and see which one works the best.

Naturally, though, I want to track everything about Unbounce pages over in Google Analytics. Turns out this is very simple to do, as mentioned in this Unbounce FAQ page.  First, after you open an Unbounce page into the editor, you click on the "Scripts" icon:


Next, you create a new script, set the placement to "Head" (for the new asynchronous GA tracking code, which you should be using!), and copy/paste your GA tracking code into the text box:


After clicking "Done", you'll need to save the landing page and then, if the Unbounce page is already published, you'll need to re-publish the page so that the Google Analytics tracking script goes live.

NOTE: If you already have several variants of your landing page, you'll need to go into each variant and add the GA tracking code to the page.

One tip to Unbounce users... I created an unpublished "template" page that had the basic background elements I want to regularly use - and also had this Google Analytics tracking code. When I want to create a new landing page, I then simply go to the Unbounce dashboard, and choose "Duplicate Page" from the gear icon of the template page:


This gives me a new page - with tracking - and then when I create any new variants they, too, have the tracking code.

Now... why do I want to do this, given that Unbounce does provide some tracking stats of its own? Primarily because: 1) the Unbounce stats are very basic - Google Analytics delivers far more information; and 2) I'm already a heavy Google Analytics user and have all my systems set up.

The end result is that you can use a platform for creating excellent landing pages and also get all the tracking analytics you want to understand how people got to that landing page.

Any of you use Unbounce? What have you thought of it so far?

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