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It is apparently not enough for Facebook that they are so many people's main portal to the Internet... their most-used site... etc. They seem to also want to be the home page in your browser, too! At least, that's what this bar tells me that now appears on top of Facebook when I go to the site:


If you can't read the image text, it says:

Drag this to your home button to see what's happening with friends as soon as you open your browser.

Translation: Do you really need to view any other site than Facebook?

Smart move on Facebook's part... encourage people to make Facebook their home page so that whenever they open a new window, odds are that they'll be sucked into what's happening in Facebook rather than doing whatever else they were going to do.

All Facebook, all the time...

Needless to say, I haven't personally made this change. I like my home page as it is (Google Search). But the war for the eyeballs will continue...

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