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Watching Cairo Burn... And Egypt Go Offline...

We truly do live in amazing times. From my home here in New Hampshire, I could watch the amazing footage coming out of Cairo, Egypt, courtesy of the Al Jazeera English live video stream:


Incredible pictures... and an excellent job when I listened by the Al Jazeera anchors and staff as they tried to make sense of what all was happening.

Even more so as the Egyptian government seems to have severed all connectivity to the global Internet! Hundreds of stories have been written about this today, but the simplest illustration may be this chart attributed to Arbor Networks:


Internet connectivity into Egypt simply.... ended, outside of a few scattered pockets of connectivity.

The saga in Egypt will continue to play out over the hours and days ahead... it's a crazy time there right now... I do hope it all works out without too much chaos, but we'll see...

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