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Facebook FAIL: Refusal to Authorize Me As Admin of the Voxeo "Community Page"

facebook.jpgRemember back in December when we were talking about how to "claim" a "Community Page" on Facebook? And then in January when it appeared Facebook was reneging on our ability to claim community pages?

Despite all that, I was proceeding on good faith, assuming that at some point someone in Facebook might see the request I file back in December and act on it.

Someone eventually did.

They DENIED my request.

And in typical Facebook style, there was no word of an appeal and instead a pointer to a useless FAQ page that had no info that I could find about community pages.

Here's the email I received today:


As text:

Unfortunately, after further review, you did not meet the requirements to take over the Page in question. At this time we will not be able to provide you admin rights to this Page. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For more information about this feature, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, please visit Facebook's Help Center by clicking the link below:

Follow that link, please, and see if you can find mention of "Community Pages" anywhere? I couldn't... but maybe I was just too tired. Can you find a mention? (In the links on that page... not by going into the search box.)

Backing Up For Some Context

To review the issue here, which I covered in my December post, Facebook for some reason rolled out "community pages" back in April 2010 and created a "community page" for companies and brands, even those that already had invested time and resources in creating their own Facebook page.

The impact of this is that on places like my own Facebook profile page the link to my employer, Voxeo, does NOT go to the page that Voxeo has create at:

but instead to the "community page" that Facebook created at:

Which is simply an import of the Wikipedia page for Voxeo. That's it. (And there's no way to edit a community page.)

Now obviously in an ideal world, as one of the people responsible for Voxeo's online presence, and specifically the one doing most all the admin for Voxeo's Facebook Page, I'd like to either merge the pages together or replace the community page with our page.

At the very least I'd like to update the community page with a link over to the Facebook page that we maintain.

So when the opportunity appeared back in December to "claim" a community page, I naturally went ahead and submitted a request.

Not Authorized?

Fast forward to today... almost four months have gone by without a peep out of Facebook... and it's with a denial. I "did not meet the requirements to take over the Page in question".

So please, dear Facebook, kindly explain to us...

What precisely ARE the requirements to take over a Community Page?

Is the requirement to take over a company page that you NOT be affiliated with the company?

That's about the only reason I can come up with for why you wouldn't authorize my request.

Because, Facebook, if you do allow a company representative to claim a "community page" in the name of the company, well, let me count the ways I'm authorized on Voxeo's behalf:

I could go on... but you get the point. I'm not the CEO (or any CxO), but from a brand management point-of-view, that's what I am employed to do for the company.

If *I* don't meet the requirements to take over a community page for a company, who does?

(And if the point is that Facebook wants someone "neutral", fine... I can understand that (even if I don't agree)... just tell us!)

Back To The Original Issue...

The larger issue here, though, comes back to simply this:


On my Facebook profile, I cannot control the fact that the link on the name of my employer goes NOT to the page I want it to go to (Voxeo's own page) but rather to this community page that Facebook created.

Why, Facebook?

Why can't I control which pages I want to link to?

If we had that control, this whole "community page" issue would be a moot point. I - and other Voxeons - could simply choose to link to the "real" page that we maintain and that shows what Voxeo is up to today.

But I can't control the links on my Profile. I'm locked in to Facebook's walled garden and the rules that they make. If I don't like them, I can of course leave Facebook (and I know some who have).

So it goes.

Perhaps in the next profile redesign that Facebook will do to make our info even smaller so that they display even more ads in our faces... perhaps then maybe, just maybe, they might change their linking policy.

But I'm not holding my breath...

Meanwhile, I'd really just like someone from Facebook to offer a clear explanation of who would meet the requirements to take over a company Community Page. That's it. How about it, Facebook?

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