Al Jazeera Providing Excellent Live Coverage of Japan Earthquake
iPad 2: Watching Streaming UStream Videos

My FIR Report for March 14, 2011 - Japan Quake, Doc Searls and Al Jazeera

fir_100x100.gifMy report into this week's For Immediate Release podcast #590 turned out to be a very focused report. Last Thursday when I was thinking about what to record on Friday, I had planned to talk about the sheer brilliance of Apple's iPad2 launch timing... about how they are "masters of creating spectacle". However, other events created a far greater spectacle which swept away any focus people may have had on the newest gadget coming out of Cupertino.

I know my attention on Friday was not focused on any reports of iPad 2 lines or online scarcity but instead focused on all the insane and surreal news coming out of Japan with the combination of the earthquake and tsunami and all the resulting devastation. Given the super-high density of mobile phones in Japan, it was perhaps too be expected that this disaster would be uploaded.... videos.... photos... tweets... updates of all sorts...

My FIR report focused on that aspect of the event... and also Doc Searls great post: "Earthquake turns TV networks into print" about how the Internet is changing coverage of events, particularly when some media like Al Jazeera are using live streaming so well while other TV networks are not (or cannot due to contracts). I have much more to say on that topic... but in the meantime I encourage you all to read Doc's post. Or... listen to my report inside of this week's FIR ;-)

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