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Tumblr's Awesome Error Message

Lately I've been using Tumblr a bit for a project and overall it's gone quite well and left me quite impressed with the service. Today, though, while working on the site Tumblr had some problem because suddenly I couldn't get to the site.

However, Tumblr did give me a great laugh with this error message:


And with that laugh, I gave them a bit of a break and went to do something else for a few minutes before checking back.

Lesson - if you have a technical problem, at least try to amuse people with your error message...

(And just a minute or two later my Tumblr site was responding again.)

UPDATE: My colleague Justin Dupree pointed out the origin of the Tumbeasts, as did someone named Daniel (nice name!) as a comment to this post. Thanks to both Justin and Daniel for pointing out the origin!

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