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Is Blogsy the iPad blog editor I've been seeking?

Is Blogsy the blog editor for the iPad that I've been seeking? As I mentioned recently, I'm a huge fan of offline blog editors and on my Mac I use MarsEdit to write up pretty much all my blog posts (including this one). But being a huge user of the iPad, I've been searching for a MarsEdit-equivalent there. Primarily I just want the ability to be able to write up blog posts when I'm offline and then easily publish them when I come back online. Airplane travel is one use case... but there are other times, too. And the iPad format is a perfect one for writing for me.

My solution so far is to use Textastic to write my blog posts and then just copy/paste them over when I'm back online. I'm a bit "old skool" and seriously don't mind writing in HTML code at all... in fact the vast majority of time I'm using MarsEdit in the HTML view. But there is a certain value in just having the blog posts all in one app that can then upload to your blog server when you're online.

I've also used the WordPress app for the iPad, and it definitely has some great features, too.

Now, I don't know yet if Blogsy can do all that I want to do. One basic issue is that while it supports WordPress and Blogger, it doesn't support TypePad where this blog is located. And while my long-term direction is to migrate my blogs away from TypePad over to WordPress, that's not happening for a while. So Blogsy is only a partial solution for me... but it does look pretty cool.

This demo video shows what Blogsy can do:

They have other videos as well on their How-To page (nicely done, by the way).

Given that right now Blogsy only costs $3 in the AppStore, I naturally had to buy the app... we'll see how it goes - and you can be sure I'll be writing more about it here.

What do you think? If you have an iPad, does Blogsy interest you for blogging? Do you already have another solution you like better? What works for you?

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