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Like WordPress? Check out WordCamp Central to find an upcoming WordCamp near you!

WordCampCentralWould you like to learn more about WordPress and how you could use it for even more than you do today? Would you like to meet with and learn from other WordPress users? If so, checkout:

There you will find a great list of upcoming "WordCamp" events around the world... as well as information about how to create a WordCamp event if there isn't one around you (and you're interested in starting one).

I'm a huge fan of WordPress and use it both for Voxeo's multi-blog site as well as all my newer blog projects like There is a fantastic community of developers around WordPress and it's great to see events like these WordCamp events that help foster that ever-growing community.

I've not yet been able to attend a WordCamp event myself, but I've seen the content coming out of several of the events and I definitely want to attend one... (I was hoping to hit WordCamp Boston this year, but it unfortunately looks like I'm traveling those days). If you get the opportunity, they definitely look like good events to connect and learn with others using WordPress.

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