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My Top 9 Disruptive Conversations Blog Posts For Q1 2011 (They aren't all from 2011)

With the end of a quarter of the year, I'm always intrigued to look back through Google Analytics and see what were really the top posts that people visited here on Disruptive Conversations. No matter what I may think are the most popular posts, it's always good to see from analytics what really are the most popular.

So here, straight from the "Top Content" page of Google Analytics for the time period January 1, 2011, to March 31, 2011, are the top posts:

  1. How Facebook Now Removes Friends and Pages From Your NewsFeed - And How To Fix It (Feb 2011)

    No surprise to me at all that this post was by far the most visited post of the quarter. It got a lot of pickup... and perhaps more importantly was shared virally throughout Facebook. I've been humbled by the kind words of thanks I've received both as comments, email and Facebook messages. It's just a serious bummer that Facebook made the change they did that required a post like this.

  2. My Canon SD1000 camera dies... "Lens error, restart camera" (Oct 2007)

    Yes, this is a simple, short post from October 2007, but it still reigns as one of my most visited posts. Why? Turns out that a lot of people search for that phrase, and my post is #1. The amusing part is that I don't even use that camera anymore. Still, the comments have been very helpful to people trying to solve this issue.

  3. My Problem With Klout Scores: Beyonce Gets a 50 - Without Ever Sending A Tweet! (Mar 2011)

    No surprise here, either. Klout and other "influence scores" are a hot topic in our part of the blogosphere these days.

  4. At What Point Do We Just Stop Caring About IE6 Visitors? (Nov 2010)

    Everyone loves a good rant, don't they?

  5. Have You Claimed Your Facebook Community Page Yet? Here's How... (Dec 2010)

    I've always believed "How To" posts that solve real problems for people are some of the most useful posts you can write (such as the #1 post). This was another one of those.

  6. A Quick First Look at the New Features for Facebook Pages (Feb 2011)

    When a service like Facebook rolls out new features, often we'd like to read up on those features before trying them out ourselves. As it happened, my post was one of the first out with screenshots and wound up on Techmeme and getting other mentions.

  7. The Back Story Behind The Darth Vader Boy in the VW SuperBowl Commercial (Feb 2011)

    I was admittedly surprised by the interest this post got, but it may be that there weren't many others writing about the back story.

  8. Prezi + ScreenFlow + YouTube = Video/Screencast Awesomeness! (Oct 2010)

    Though geeky, a lot of folks continued to be interested in combining video with a Prezi presentation.

  9. Corporate/enterprise microblogging - my review of Yammer, Present.ly and Laconi.ca (Oct 2008)

    Another older post... this one has consistently been among my top-viewed posts. At this point, of course, it's definitely in need of an update.

The interesting part to me is that outside of the two outliers from 2007 and 2008, all the posts are from within this quarter or the one prior to it (Oct - Dec 2010). I continue to be surprised at the attention that Oct 2007 Canon camera post has... but it shows what a good Google search ranking can do for a post.

Have you done this exercise lately? What are your top posts?

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