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365 Blog Posts In The First 146 Days of 2011....

Yesterday I passed a milestone in writing for 2011... I posted my 365th blog post across my own network of blogs and Voxeo's blogs. Doing the math, that works out to an average of 2.5 blog posts per day for the first 146 days of 2011.

If you go back to the goal I set for myself in January, my aim was for 365 DAYS of blog posts. I missed that actual goal by dropping a day in March and in truth I also didn't post for an entire weekend in April.

Regardless, the average seems to be pretty good! :-)

And admittedly, it was kind of fun to look yesterday at the spreadsheet I've been keeping to track my blogging activity and realize that I was going to pass by the 365 mark.

And now... the writing continues... (this post is actually now my 367th...)

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