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Are You Seeing Increased Website Referrals From LinkedIn?

Are you seeing a dramatic increase in referrals to your website from LinkedIn? Over on Business Insider, Nicholas Carlson wrote about the dramatic spike in referrals they are seeing from LinkedIn and provided this chart to prove it:


It certainly is a dramatic growth curve!

I'm not seeing anything remotely similar across my own blogs or over on the Voxeo blogs, but then again, those sites aren't providing regular "news" to the degree that Business Insider is doing so. The content that is being posted to my sites and/or Voxeo's sites is also far more focused in terms of subject matter than the BI news. It is probably not showing up in any of the "LinkedIn Today" services they are now providing, whereas content on BI and other more "news sites" certainly would show up.

Anyone else seeing a "LinkedIn Effect"?

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