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My FIR Report - Sept 19, 2011 - An Update on My Job Change And Content Strategy

My report into today's FIR episode #617 was a little different than my usual reports. Instead of an update on the latest technology and trends in social media, I gave a more personal update about my job change to work as Senior Content Strategist over at the Internet Society. Those who want the details can read the full blog post, but suffice it to say that I've moved from my role at Voxeo over to a more education-focused role at the Internet Society, a global nonprofit organization focused on the missing of promoting the "open Internet". My role will focus on the creation, curation, distribution and promotion of content related to that mission. While I'm definitely going to miss all the great folks and great work at Voxeo, I'm excited for this next chapter... I gave some more info in my report into today's FIR episode.

Next week, I'll return to my usual commentary on the intersection of social media and technology... :-)