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Why Klout Gets a FAIL For Their Notification Emails

These email notifications from Klout get a big, fat FAIL in my book:


I should NEVER be REQUIRED to go back to your website to get notifications about your service.

You have already interrupted my life by sending me an email. Now you want me to further interrupt my life to go to your website to see whatever brilliant piece of information you want to share with me?


This is a classic mistake by new services. They want to get people to come back to their website. Once users go to their website, the service can then track the users' usage and also try to entice them to go into other areas of the service.

It may work for some services... but for many others it just services to piss off users. They may just ignore your email messages and your services... they may mark your email as "spam"... or they may write cranky blog posts like this one.

Here is a request to all the zillion new social services out there:


If you want me to use your service... and more importantly, if you want me to be a happy user of your service and promote it to other people, then follow this one simple step:


Send me a notification email WITH THE MESSAGE INCLUDED.

Facebook does this.

Twitter does this.

Google+ does this.

LinkedIn does this. (although I seem to recall they didn't at first, but that was years ago)

Every service should do this.

Don't make me go back to your website.

Respect my time.

Maybe I'll use your service more.... maybe I'll click back to your web site and respond or take other action. And yes, it might be a little less trackable... but you'll have happier users. (And people like me won't write cranky blog posts like this one. :-) )