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WordPress 3.3.2 Out With Security Fixes - Upgrade Now!

Wordpress orgIf you are a user of WordPress, as I am for several of my sites, you really should update your site to WordPress 3.3.2. If you take a look at the Codex page for the release:

You'll note that the release is pretty much all about security fixes to underlying libraries and other aspects of the software.

While yes, I'm a "security guy" who may care about these kind of things more than others, the reality is that I'm in the "content business" and I want my content always to be available. Having my site taken down by attackers is NOT a way to do that.

So I always upgrade WordPress - particularly when there are security issues involved.

The beautiful thing is that you should just be able to go into your site and click the "Update automatically" link to make it happen. Yes, backup your database first to be safe... but do go in and do the update.

Particularly because if the upgrade fixes "cross-site scripting attacks", you have to know that attackers are out there right now trying to exploit those attacks against sites that have NOT yet upgraded.

So don't be a target... upgrade!

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