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Spelling Counts In Infographics!

Spelling counts! Always! Even in trendy things like "infographics"... you need to always check, check and re-check to make sure that things are spelled correctly[1].


Period. Full stop.

This morning brought a perfect illustration of this... a friend on Twitter pointed to an infographic about VoIP and telecom trends, another topic I'm interested in. I would have gladly retweeted the infographic - and would have perhaps embedded it in a blog post.

Except for one minor little detail in the headline:

Spelling counts

Oops. :-(

The problem is that misspelling "Telecom" as "Telecome" immediately makes the entire graphic suspect to me. If this is the level of error-checking they had in the graphic, what does this mean about their data?

Now granted, the data might be perfectly fine and this was just a case of someone not proofreading the headline... but it immediately makes me wonder... and makes me NOT want to retweet it or otherwise pass it along.

That includes not wanting to embed the graphic in a blog post... because I don't want typos on MY site!

And so one spelling error in the headline causes the creator of the infographic to lose the small bit of additional publicity I would have given it... and perhaps others will have the same reaction resulting in a larger loss.

Spelling always counts!


P.S. And no, I have not linked to the infographic in question from this post as I'd like to give them a chance to correct it... and I did send them a tweet about the typo, too.

[1] Unless, of course, the spelling mistakes are deliberate to illustrate a point or are part of a character in a story, etc.

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