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NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month: One Post Every Day

Today begins the November 2012 edition of "National Blog Posting Month" a.k.a. "NaBloPoMo" as it is referred to over on BlogHer, where this daily blogging project currently has a home. In truth, NaBloPoMo now happens every month as a project to encourage people to write daily. But, as mentioned in the announcement about NaBloPoMo for November 2012, this month is special:

The time has finally arrived: it's November's NaBloPoMo, the birthday of this blogging project. Let's get this blogging party started.

November is the only month that doesn't have a separate theme. Instead, the theme for November is blogging for blogging's sake.

Currently 738 blogs have signed up to participate this month... and that number is at least 739, as I've now signed up this blog as well! :-)


Well, primarily because I have a huge queue of posts that I'd like to post here on Disruptive Conversations, but I've been having a hard time making the time to write here given all the other places I need to be writing. (Including, most obviously, Deploy360, where it is my job to write there.)

So I will consider this my personal challenge - can I keep up the pace and have daily posts coming out here throughout November?

We'll see... :-)

It might have been better to perhaps give my danyork.me site as the address, as that aggregates content across all the sites where I write, but hey, why not do the challenge for this individual site, particularly given that I wrote zero posts here in October 2012!

Want to join in to the November 2012 write-a-thon? There's still time to sign up until November 5th.

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