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The Apple Maps Fiasco Finally Hits Me - Tiffin St, Not Giffin St

Until last night I had been blissfully unaffected by the whole Apple Maps fiasco. I upgraded both my iPhone and iPad to iOS 6.0 and have generally had no problems whatsoever. I've gotten to where I needed to go when using "Maps" and in fact I like the better driving directions.

And then last night I read an article in our local paper about a building to be demolished and wondered where that was in Keene, as I'd not heard of "Tiffin Street". So I popped the street name into Maps on my iPhone and was suprised...

Photo Nov 13 7 14 23 PM

I tried a couple of times at different zoom levels and settings but Apple Maps would not show me a "Tiffin St" anywhere in Keene.

So I flipped over to Google Maps, still on my iPhone, and of course there it was:


And indeed I went by the street on my lunchtime run today and can confirm to Apple with my own eyes that Tiffin Street does indeed exist in Keene!


Hopefully Apple will continue to improve their data, because this is really quite silly!

P.S. I guess the good news is that I now know where "Giffin St" is in Keene... but that's not what I wanted! :-)

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