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Want To Watch Live U.S. Election 2012 Coverage Online Tonight?

VotingTonight we have a truly remarkable number of options for watching coverage of the results of the U.S. election. GigaOm had a great post up this morning listing a wide range of sites:

It's fascinating to look down that list. I grew up in the 1970's and 80's when we really only had 3 TV networks in the US on which to watch election results. Now we have a HUGE number of options. Consider that in this list we have:

  • Multiple sites doing live streaming over YouTube.
  • Multiple sites doing live streaming over Ustream.
  • Some sites doing live streaming from their own sites.
  • Many sites doing streaming out to their mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Twitter setting up a micro-site to show election-oriented trends and tweets (and being used by many of the other sites, too, I am sure).

More than that, look at the different sources of these live streams:

  • "Traditional" TV networks such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS (with six live streams!), and Fox
  • Newer TV media like C-SPAN, Univision, MSN News, Al Jazeera and the Comedy Channel
  • "Newspapers" streaming video such as the Wall St. Journal, New York Times and Washington Post
  • Newer websites such as Politico and the Huffington Post
  • An independent group watching voting problems

This list, too, is just the sites that GigaOm found and felt should be included. There are probably a hundred other lists floating around on other sites that include other livestreams not mentioned here. Plus the many sites that will be doing "liveblogging"... plus the sites livestreaming audio-only... plus the many mobile apps that people are using on their smartphones... plus the zillion other social networks. Mobile-photo-darling Instagram even got in the game by partnering with NBC to produce:

And all of these are (generally) available to people all across the world, not just in the US. There is no limit according to geography.

It's an amazing testament to the power of the Internet to disrupt traditional media and to encourage innovation ... and to potentially democratize the creation of content by allowing anyone to get in the business of streaming media.

Wherever you are tonight... as long as you can get Internet connectivity, you will have the ability to watch the US election returns!

I'm looking forward to tonight... and will probably be watching several of these streams as we look forward to learning who wins the election not only for President but also for the Congressional and local races as well.

Enjoy the evening!

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