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Beginning NaPodPoMo - 30 Podcast Episodes in 30 Days

NationalPodcastPostMonth NaPodPoMoCan I publish one podcast episode each day for the month of November? That's the premise of "National Podcast Post Month" or "NaPodPoMo". Similar to the idea of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), where writers sign up to write a novel in a month, NaPodPoMo is a way for podcasters to get in on the action for the month of November.

For me, I decided to do it just as an incentive to see about getting back into more content creation. As I explained in The Dan York Report episode 333, the last 10 months of my life have been focused on the launch of the Internet Society's new website. That's consumed a HUGE amount of hours... and left me with very little time for all the normal writing and audio production that I've done.

The Internet Society website launched on September 14, and in that TDYR episode 333 I naively thought the work was close to done... and that I'd have more time for content creation.

The truth is that there's been a great amount of work still to be done on the website - and so I have NOT been able to return to creating content.

But now we're getting closer... and my internal NEED to create content is driving me crazy.

So this NaPodPoMo is just an incentive to help me get back into the swing of creating more content.

I'll be publishing new episodes at my SoundCloud account at https://soundcloud.com/danyork

You're welcome to follow along this month! We'll see how I do!