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An interesting way to announce that Odeo is up for sale

I was fascinated to see in an email newsletter today that the owners of Odeo are looking to sell it off to focus on Twitter.  My fascination was just with such a blatant and direct pitch offering up a fairly high profile site.  For those not tracking the world of podcasting, Odeo was one of the entrants in the battle for being the premier podcast host, directory, etc.  I never used them myself, but I knew of other podcasters who did.  But if you look at the stats, they do seem to be getting a good bit of traffic... I mean, 1.5 milion plays of MP3s and 76,000 logins in the last 30 days is nothing to sneeze at.  Still, if they are a small company, I can understand their desire to focus, and if Twitter is where their energy is going, it's understandable.  I wish them well with the sale and transition, and have to say kudos to them for being very open about wanting to sell off the property.

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