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Calendaring: versus Google - any opinions? (and the FeedBurner Event feed hack)

Question for anyone reading - do you use calendars from either or Google Calendar?  And if so, which one do you like better and why?

Here's the situation - over on my Blue Box podcast, you'll note that in any of the show notes we list "Upcoming Shows".  These are primarily conferences or tradeshows relating either to VoIP or security where the topic of "VoIP security" might be discussed.  You will also note that over in a box on the sidebar of the blog there is a list of upcoming shows... that is woefully out-of-date.

I want to automate this.

Nicely, at their latest Hackathon, the Feedburner folks created an "Event Feed" - see the details here.  So my thought is to use one of those services and then create an RSS feed... which then simply gets loaded into the sidebar of the blog.

However, I have to choose a service.  Google Calendar is easy on the one hand because I already use Gmail and some of the other Google services... but some of what I see at is also quite interesting.

Any opinions?  (Thanks)