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Questions to ask an employer about that "perfect" job in social media or as a community manager

By way of Chris Brogan, I learned of Jeremiah Owyang's post, which in turn was actually a response to James Durbin's post (got all that?  If that last sentence made sense to you, you might just be a great candidate for a social media position!) titled "List of Social Media Interview Questions" which is James' list of questions that a job candidate should ask of an employer when interviewing for a "social media consultant" or "community manager" role. 

As more companies look to hire people to work in this space, both James and Jeremiah do raise excellent questions that candidates should ask - and that employers should be ready to answer.  Great stuff!

A key to me is that the role is allowed to, and indeed is expected to, evolve and expand into new tools and services, since new services are basically coming out daily in large numbers.