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Switching back to moderating comments - anyone else having problems with TypePad requiring multiple CAPTCHAs and previews?

FYI, effective right now I'm turning OFF the CAPTCHA requirement for posting comments and very unfortunately switching back to requiring comment moderation.  I just tried posting a comment to one of my own posts and found that TypePad kept requiring me to re-enter a CAPTCHA - endlessly.  I did it about 8 times before I just said "enough is enough" and went into the TypePad control panel and switched back to moderation.  I first heard of this issue when a comment was left on an earlier post last week and I've commented successfully since then... but this was the first time I'd seen the issue myself.  I'll file a help request with TypePad to report the issue, but in the meantime thought I would raise the issue here.  (And now comments will get through, but of course won't be published until I approve them tomorrow.)

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