a.placebetween.us - what an incredibly cool way to find a place to meet! (and a great mashup example)
At least Google Maps has a sense of humor with regard to trans-atlantic travel (Vermont to Stockholm!)...

Sometimes "life" intervenes... I am now NOT at VON Europe / Podcamp Europe in Stockholm

As I wrote over on my Disruptive Telephony blog, sometimes things outside one's control intervene in the best of plans... and so now I'm home in Vermont for the week instead of in Stockholm.   There is still a dinner tonight in Stockholm among some listeners to my podcast (which is still going ahead) and a colleague from the open standards world, Cullen Jennings of Cisco and IETF, will be replacing me on the VoIP security panel at VON that my friend Martyn Davies will be moderating. 

What I can't easily cover, though, were the two talks I was going to do over at Podcamp Europe.   I was going to give a little "Audacity 101" intro to using Audacity to create podcasts... something I've been doing now for 2+ years and have become quite a strong user of it.  And then I was going to give a talk on "using VoIP softphones to include co-hosts or interview guests in your podcast".  Both were going to be fun.  Alas, I'll have to save them for Podcamp Boston2 this fall.

Meanwhile, I'll be looking forward to reading all about the various events happening over there this week.... would have been fun!

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