Sometimes "life" intervenes... I am now NOT at VON Europe / Podcamp Europe in Stockholm
On the need to aggregate status updates, a.k.a. why do I have to update my status and check friends' status in so many #$@%@# places?

At least Google Maps has a sense of humor with regard to trans-atlantic travel (Vermont to Stockholm!)...

image Curious to know approximately how many miles it was from here in Vermont over to Stockholm, Sweden, I hit the "Get Directions" link on a Google Maps window I happened to have open.  I was a bit surprised and very amused to get the response shown in the graphic on the right (click on it to see the larger version), particularly step #16...

Yes, indeed, I'll go do that right now... drive down to Boston and dive right into the Atlantic!  :-)

Nice when a company has a sense of humor in its products!

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