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Twitter as an outlet for "fiction"? Scott Sigler shows how it could be done with "the iPhone War"...

image Twitter has been labeled many things... but I don't know that I've yet seen anyone talking about it as an outlet for fiction.  However, Scott Sigler is now experimenting with it as exactly that.  This came about because last Friday (iPhone Day, in case you have somehow forgotten), Scott started a series of tweets (first one here) that escalated into what was called the "iPhone War".  In a series of what looked like posts from an embedded war reporter (albeit one in a dumpster), he rapidly had Canada, Mexico and Russia invading the US to get all of our iPhones, the USA being wiped out and the ultimate collapse of civilization.   (Unfortunately with Twitter in order to see them you'll need to go back in Scott's Twitter page to see the posts - you also can get a taste by clicking the graphic on the right to see a larger version and some of the text.)  It was an entertaining diversion to read. (Hat tip to the tweet from C.C. Chapman that clued me in to it.)

C.C. implied that the "iPhone War" storyline was picked up by other Twitterers, i.e. they joined in, but I didn't see those tweets and unfortunately I don't know of an easy way to pull that all together.

Scott Sigler is now continuing his experiment with another short story that he put up back on July 2nd.  Not quite as personally compelling to me as the "iPhone War", but an interesting experiment nonetheless.   Fun to see people trying to use new tools in old ways (telling stories).

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