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Facebook faces a new lawsuit on patent infringement - but could it not apply to ALL social networking sites? (and some background on iKimbo)

Several great lists of marketing/PR podcasts!

I noticed two great lists of marketing/PR podcasts coming out lately.  Over on his "Web Strategy" blog, Jeremiah Owyang published a "List of ongoing Marketing Podcasts" yesterday that he indicates he'll be updating.   In the comments to Jeremiah's post, Paull Young notes that as part of the Forward Moving blog, he and Luke Armour recently posted (July 7th) "Forward Podcast 26: A Tour of the PR Podosphere" in which Paull and Luke review some of the various PR-related podcasts that are are out there.

Constantin Basturea has also been maintaining his list of PR podcasts for quite some time as well (and Jeremiah updated his post with that pointer).

All in all a great set of lists for folks wanting to find podcasts related to PR and marketing.  (Now if I could just find the time to listen to all these great podcasts!)