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Ending the year as I began it... introducing a new blog! (This time, "Behind The Blog" from Voxeo)

BehindTheBlogBanner.jpgThere is a certain delightful symmetry to the fact that I began 2007 rolling out a new blog, Disruptive Telephony (followed shortly thereafter by this Disruptive Conversations blog), and now I end 2007 rolling out another new blog. In today's case, though, the blog in question is for my employer, Voxeo, and is simply titled "Behind The Blog". As I explained in the introductory post, the goal of the blog is to tell the ongoing story of what it took us to create the corporate blog portal and what we do to evolve the site in the time ahead. We'll write about WordPress plugins, code we have to change and other things we do. The intent is that it will be a fairly technical blog diving into the innards of WordPress MU.

To a large degree, the point of the site is to help others who want to create blog portals using WordPress MU - hopefully they can learn from what we've gone through and not necessarily suffer some of the pain that we did. If you are considering running a blog portal on WordPress MU, feel free to join us as we explore the world of running a corporate blog portal using WordPress MU. If you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to the direct feed for the blog or simply get new posts as part of the "all Voxeo blogs" feed. (Behind The Blog posts also appear in our new Twitter feed.)

I'm delighted to bring out this new blog... and am very definitely looking forward to more blogging and podcasting in 2008!

Happy New Year to you all!

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