The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007... (aka Why and How I use Twitter)
Ending the year as I began it... introducing a new blog! (This time, "Behind The Blog" from Voxeo)

Is Twitter staggering under the weight of its own success? (Seems to be down right now...)

239F0ED3-565A-4A5B-8B96-F77D463A8AB2.jpgIs Twitter staggering and falling down under the weight of its own success? As I write this post, the Twitter service, which has been sluggish all morning, seems to have stopped responding entirely. Twitter4Skype is having failures updating. I can't get to either the regular or mobile web sites. The Jabber IM interface still seems to be giving me updates. I tried updating it that way, too, but of course I have no way to see if the update successfully got there. :-)

The bummer is that I have been working this afternoon to connect the WordPress plugin "twitter_updater" to the newly created "voxeo" account on Twitter so that we could provide another way to receive notifications of new blog posts. Now I have no way to test that out until Twitter comes back up.

And yes, I could have simply used Twitterfeed to connect the RSS feed for all our blog entries to the Twitter account, but: a) the site has been down most of the day; b) using this plugin gives me finer granularity of which blogs will update the Twitter site; and c) this plugin will post to Twitter when there is a new entry versus with Twitterfeed where it polls every so often.

I've heard from folks that Twitter is getting multiple mentions on NPR here in the US today, so that may be driving more attention to the site. If that is the issue, are we seeing more signs of the scalability issues with Twitter? (that have bitten us before?)

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