Yes, indeed, you can now watch me recording my FIR report...
The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007... (aka Why and How I use Twitter)

Where have all the Blognation editors/writers gone? (Martyn tells us...)

95A061ED-E53F-488A-83BC-C29B17E05AE9.jpgWith the demise of blognation (also here), an obvious question is: where did all the excellent Blognation writers/editors go? Say what you will about Sam Sethi's business practices... he did, though, pull together a top-notch team of writers. So where did they all go? Well... Martyn Davies has compiled an excellent list of where all the Blognation writers/editors are. Many thanks to Martyn for putting that list together! Of special note, I'll mention that Tris Hussey has now landed at b5 media. Congrats, Tris! I look forward to seeing what evolves there.

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