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Yes, indeed, you can now watch me recording my FIR report...

This morning when I needed to record my weekly report into For Immediate Release, I figured I might as well try a little experiment with Seesmic since my MacBook was sitting there with its webcam. So here it is... you, too, can watch me record my FIR report:

Now many folks may find that about as exciting as watching paint dry or water boil. There's a bit of an echo chamber strangeness to it.... watching me recording something. Actually, it kind of reminds me of the times when I'd flip through the TV stations and see a channel that was broadcasting video of Don Imus and friends recording their audio/radio show. I don't know that it adds a whole lot but it was at least an entertaining and quick little experiment.

The astute observers will note that you can see the audio waveform moving across the screen in the background as I continue my usual practice of recording directly into Audacity. For those who are curious about such things, that's a Studio Projects B1 mic that I bought 2+ years ago and the headphones are a Sennheiser "HD 280 pro". The mic boom is from Heil since it is the only one that would clamp onto a desk.

The good news for me was that I did the report in one take without really flubbing up any words or phrases. The truth is that this was my second or third attempt and so I had my text down rather well. It would have been more entertaining, probably, for folks to see a recording where I keep messing up and restarting. Ah, well, perhaps another time... ;-)

P.S. One final note - I can't seem to find any way to get the embed code from the Seesmic video without logging into Seesmic and going to the page for the video. Am I missing something or can't you get that embed code without being logged in?

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