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Want to learn about Twitter? Here's a 4-part series and a screencast

239F0ED3-565A-4A5B-8B96-F77D463A8AB2.jpgAs readers know, I'm a fan of Twitter and continue to use it on a daily basis (if you use it, you can follow me if you like). Lately there seem to be quite a large number of articles coming out in the same vein as my own, i.e. "here's how Twitter is useful." I thought, though, I would highlight a couple of those articles that I found particularly useful. First, Jennifer Laycock over at Search Engine Guide has written a four part (so far) series titled "From Twits to Tweeple, Why I Embraced Twitter and You Should Too":
  • Part One steps you through creating an account, editing your profile and getting started. She's done a nice job with screenshots to illustrate the steps.
  • Part Two covers adding friends, twitter commands and lingo and what all the "@" messages are all about.
  • Part Three talks about engaging in conversations on Twitter and also the fun aspect of how Twitter can help you meet up with people in real life.
  • Part Four explains tinyurls, talks about how tweets can drive traffic to your website and also about "retweets".

All in all a nicely done series. She concludes part 4 with an indication that further installments will be forthcoming. Nice to see these kind of tutorials out there.

Second, Dave Delaney published today a screencast tutorial about Twitter (using Jing to record it). Dave covers some of the same kind of introductory material but in a screencast/video form. Again, a nice introduction.

If you're wondering what all this Twitter fuss is about, these resources may help you get started. (And if you do join, feel free to follow me.)

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