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Media consumption habits are hard habits to break...

What are your media consumption habits? What happens if a that media (newspaper, TV show, magazine, etc.) goes away? How well do you adjust?

We're experiencing that dilemma ourselves in our new home in Keene, NH. You see... we are still some of those people who participate in that increasingly quaint and archaic custom of... newspaper subscription. More to the point, we are in the habit of getting a morning paper. For pretty much all of my adult life I've had a morning paper. It's been part and parcel of my morning "routine". Wake up, get ready for the day, have breakfast... and read at least part of the morning paper. Especially things like the weather, the major news and of course the comics. It's the habit I've had and one that my wife and daughter have also had.

keenesentinel.jpgHowever, when we moved to Keene we discovered, to our surprise, that the Keene Sentinel, our local paper, turns out to be one of the few remaining afternoon papers! It's delivered by 5pm each week day and by 8am on Saturday and Sunday. We immediately subscribed, following our pattern... but it's been quite strange over the past week as there's been very definitely a missing piece in our morning routine. You can't really save the previous day's paper for the next morning because the news is that much older and, honestly, as it is a smaller paper it's so far really only good for one sitting. We're considering subscribing to another paper, like The Union Leader, but we do like getting the local news that appears in local patterns. Maybe we'll subscribe to both. I don't know.

It has made me think, though, about media consumption habits... they can definitely be hard ones to break!

What about you? What media do you consume on a regular basis? What would you miss if it wasn't there?

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