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The Sad State Of Twitter...

As I posted a couple of updates to my Twitter stream this morning, I noticed that I hadn't received any updates for most of two hours in my Twhirl client. I tried going to my Twitter page and when I couldn't I naturally tried to go to today the answer was not "Yes", but rather:

It's really very sad when "Yes" becomes "of course". When the expectation is that the service will be down, you really have to wonder about the long-term viability of the service. At some point Twitter will cross the proverbial "threshold of pain" that will indeed cause users to flock to other services. Judging from past history, that threshold is very high... but with Twitter's frequent outages lately, you have to wonder if we aren't rapidly approaching that point.

I see from Twitter's new status blog that they were making database changes last night. Will the changes be enough to keep people using the service? Will they be enough to bring the pain level back down?

We'll see.

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