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Blogging from the iPhone to WordPress MU works - sort of

As you can see in this screen capture, I am using the WordPress iPhone app and it IS working to post to the Voxeo blog site that runs WordPress MU... However, as shown in that image, the app is confused about the names of the different WPMU blogs. It gave all four of them the same name, even though I went to different urls. I can though post to the different blogs. It is just a UI issue in the app. Maybe in the next version. Pretty cool, I have to say.

UPDATE (a few minutes after posting the text above): Now I posted this blog entry from the TypePad iPhone application, since this Disruptive Conversations blog runs on TypePad versus WordPress or WordPress MU. A couple of thoughts on that experience:

  • Using the TypePad iPhone app is clearly for just jotting a quick note and sending it up to your blog. Presumably I'll get better at iPhone typing, but still, I can't see me writing a length post.
  • More to the point, I didn't see any way to either control formatting in the iPhone TypePad app. Now perhaps I can enter raw HTML... I didn't try that, but I'm not really keen on that given the limited input capability on the iPhone.
  • Similarly, I saw no easy way to enter links... the links in the text above were added when I writing this text in MarsEdit and editing an already-published post.
  • I did not have any image formatting choices that I could see... I couldn't align the image on the right (as I did here) or change the scale. The image was inserted at the top of the post with my text below it.
  • The TypePad iPhone app cropped my image to be square. Now, when I was adding the photo to my post in the app, I could "move and scale" the application, but there seemed to be no way to scale the screenshot down so that the whole screenshot would fit in the area. Everytime I scaled it down, it would pop back up to its full size (and maybe this is just because I'm an iPhone newbie).

Now those are issues with the TypePad app for the iPhone, but it looks like the WordPress app for the iPhone has similar issues. (Now maybe I need to learn more about what other options there are... perhaps I am missing some way to access other commands.)

Having said all this, it's definitely very cool to have the option to post from either TypePad or WordPress to my various blog sites. I don't see me using it too much when I have another option available... but I could see it being great for posting to the blogs while traveling.

What do you all think? Have you used either of these apps? Are there commands I'm missing?

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