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Today's Squawk Box to talk about the use of digital media in election campaigns

On today's Squawk Box at 11am US Eastern time, there will be a topic that continues to fascinate me - the use of "new media" (or "digital media" or "online media", etc.) by election campaigns. Listeners to my weekly Thursday FIR reports will know that I have been mentioning this on several of my recent reports. Here, in the US, the Obama campaign in particular has been very active in new media, with news just yesterday that they have sponsored ads in an XBox 360 racing game. Both campaigns here in the US have been very active with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and more... the site has perhaps done the best job writing about this usage (and includes stats as well).

Join us at 11am US Eastern time today to discuss all of this. Or if you can't join at 11am, check out Alec Saunders blog at later today to listen to the episode.

P.S. And since Squawk Box is hosted by a Canadian, Alec will be talking about some election campaign they have been having up there... in fact, they seem to be voting today... although we wouldn't know that here in the US - we're just their geographic neighbor, after all.

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