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Brogan is right - the "Editorial Calendar" WordPress plugin truly rocks!

On Friday I saw Chris Brogan's post "Use an Editorial Calendar" and immediately had to go check out the plugin's page.  Chris is right on target... this is definitely an awesome plugin!  I now have it running on Voxeo's blogs and on the VOIPSA blog and so far have been quite impressed.

Now, much of the time my posts across my various blogs react to current issues or to topics I've had brewing for a while.  But in some cases, particularly the Voxeo blogs, I've wanted to apply some more discipline to the writing to ensure that I am in fact getting out posts with a regular frequency.  I like the fact that with this plugin I can simply get a quick view of what is currently scheduled and know when it would be good to target some more posts:


It's also great that directly from the interface you can create new posts (or at least stubs for new posts).  If you are laying out a campaign tied to an announcement or theme, this is a very easy and graphical way to lay out your post schedule.

I also like the fact that you can go back historically and see the flow of when you posted in a nice calendar format... complete with the names of the post authors (a setting you have to enable but is well worth it in multi-author blogs).

I'm very much looking forward to working with this plugin more - and wish there were something like that for here on TypePad (where this blog and Disruptive Telephony are located).

The folks at Stresslimit also put together this video screencast introducing the plugin - good stuff!

The WordPress Editorial Calendar Screen Cast from Zack Grossbart on Vimeo.

If you use WordPress you can find more info about the Editorial Calendar on its plugin page and can install it either from there or from directly inside of WordPress if you are set up that way.

Thanks, Chris, for recommending the plugin and thanks to the Stresslimit team for making it available!

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