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The big news in the Twittersphere today (hastag #newtwitter) and predictably all over Techmeme) is the "New Twitter" web interface announced by Evan Williams last night and described in a blog post and a web site which includes this video that briefly shows the new UI (possibly the longest build-up I've seen in a bit!):

This new user interface will be rolled out to Twitter users in stages over the next few weeks.

In looking at the screenshots and video it looks like a slick new UI, very much along the lines of how the new "official" Twitter client for the Ipad looks. It hasn't been rolled out to my Twitter account yet, but the question I wonder about is:

Will I ever use it? (i.e. do I even care?)

You see, I'm apparently in the 22% of active users who do NOT use regularly (per the reverse of Evan Williams' tweet). I do pretty much ALL my tweeting from either:

  • TweetDeck on my laptop or home computer
  • TweetDeck on my iPhone
  • TweetDeck or the "official" Twitter client on my iPad

I pretty much never go to outside of occasionally going to check if a post made it there if there was some question with regard to the Twitter API.

Don't get me wrong... I think it's very cool that Twitter has done this update for the 78% of active users who apparently rely on the site. I'm just wondering how useful or not I'll find it.

What do you all think? Do you use or a third-party client? Do you have the "New Twitter" UI yet? Like it? Will it make you switch to using the website more?

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