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Open Facebook alternative Diaspora launches "Developer Release"

diaspora.jpgToday Diaspora, the open source project aiming to build an "open" social network along the lines of Facebook, released its "Developer Release" to the public. You may recall back in May when the 4 NYU students behind Diaspora just happened to tap into a moment of anti-Facebook rage and announced their effort to build "the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network".

They provided a couple of updates over the summer (one of which I wrote about) and now they announced that their code is available for download at:

Now, there IS a big caution - the code is by their own acknowledgement very much "pre-alpha"... meaning "don't expect to use this in production or even for it to work". :-)

The installation process is not for the non-tech-savvy, either... it involves downloading and installing various parts and pieces to get everything on your system that you need. This is primarily a release to get their software out there and let other people hack away on it and contribute back to the effort.

It's very cool to see this milestone and I'm looking forward to see how the project evolves now that the code is out in the public sphere. Great stuff!

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