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What is Your Backup Plan for Your Blog?

Off-site backup for Dallas companiesWhat is your backup plan if the platform you use for blogging suddenly... disappears?  What if the provider just shuts down one day? with no warning?  What if they have a server failure and your blog(s) go offline... and may be offline for some period of time?

How quickly would you be able to get back online?

And how quickly can you have your content back available - with correct URLs?

As folks who blogged at Vox.com discovered this past week, you may not have a whole lot of time to figure this out... thankfully they at least have most of a month and some easy transition tools... but other users on other platforms may not be so lucky...

But what is your backup plan?  Do you have one?  If not, perhaps it might be time to think about it?

(Next post, I'll share some of my own backup plans...)

Photo attribution: alexmuse on Flickr

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