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Mashable: An In-Depth Look at How People Are Using the iPad

ipadeffect.jpgHow are people using Apple's iPad? What devices is it replacing for iPad users?

Back in early July, published an article "An In-Depth Look at How People Are Using the iPad" that made for good reading. The article reviewed data out of a study by Resolve Market Research and had a few gems. For instance, I found it fascinating that 38% of iPad owners said they would not buy a portable gaming device after owning an iPad. I'm not a big game-player, personally, and I can see the logic of this finding, given that the iPad reduces the number of devices you need to carry... it was just something I hadn't really thought about.

Also interesting to note that for 37% of the iPad owners this would be their first Apple product - bodes well for Apple!

Now, three months have gone by since the Mashable post was published, which is in some ways an eternity in the consumer products space. It will be interesting to see whether these trends continue over time... in the meantime, it is just good to see more data out there on iPad usage.

P.S. The comments also made for interesting reading...