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CSS3 Generator - A Great Way to Quickly Get CSS3 Code

If you are, like me, experimenting more with Cascading Style Sheets version 3 (a.k.a. "CSS3"), you may find this site very helpful - CSS3 Generator:

CSS3 Generator

From the drop-down menu you choose one of the CSS3 elements for which you would like the code. Enter in some values ... see the preview change... and watch the CSS3 code be created:


Now, I found a few quirks with the site. In Google Chrome the preview didn't always work while in Firefox it did. The Shadow Color field on this particular "Box Shadow" element also never actually put the color into the code (It would be the final value for each of the "box-shadow" lines.)

Regardless of those quirks, it's a neat tool to help you see how you can use CSS3 to introduce new design elements for browsers that support CSS3. Check it out!

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