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How Do You Scale Your Corporate Usage of Twitter? (Free Webinar Nov 30th)

If you start using Twitter or Facebook for interacting with customers and are successful - how do you scale that interaction as you grow?

As I mentioned in my report into today's FIR podcast, I'll be presenting in a free webinar on this topic coming up on Tuesday, November 30th, as part of Voxeo's monthly "Developer Jam Session" webinars. I'll be talking about some of the tools and services we offer that can help. If you would like to attend live and ask questions, the registration info is below or on the Jam Session page. If you can't attend the actual presentation, the webinar will be available for later viewing. Here's the abstract of what I'll be talking about:


Serving the Social Customer: Scaling Your Support for Twitter, Facebook and more

Tuesday, November 30, 2010: 8:00 AM US Pacific, 11:00 AM US Eastern, 5:00 PM Central European


By 2014, Gartner Research estimates that social networking services will replace email as the primary communications vehicle for 20 percent of business users – and for many people this is already the case. As you connect to customers in social channels, a key question is – how can you scale that communication? If you have only a few people monitoring Twitter, what do you do when they go home? As you successfully interact with people on Twitter, how do you handle the growth?

Do you hire a whole new group of people to “tweet”? Or do you look at how appropriate forms of automation can help you scale your interaction?

Join Voxeo’s Director of Conversations, Dan York, in this free Developer Jam Session to explore how Voxeo’s tools and platforms can help you scale your usage of social channels. You will learn how to monitor twitter account and take action on incoming messages or mentions. You will see how to send urgent notifications via SMS or voice based on certain keywords that appear in tweets. You will learn how you can craft appropriate automatic responses based on what customers send via Twitter. You’ll see how an automated app can assist the person monitoring a Twitter account in collecting information to provide a response. And… you will see how all the social interaction can be tied into the same analytics and application you use for other interaction channels like voice, SMS, IM, and mobile web. Plus you will get a view of how these services can be extended to other social services like facebook.

Please do join us! It should be a fun session!

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