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Switch accounts in FacebookIs Facebook about to give us more control over our Facebook Pages? Including the ability to get "notifications" of when there is new content on our pages? For a few minutes today, I had this capability!

Alerted by a tweet from fellow New Hampshire-ite Leslie Poston, I flipped over to Facebook and discovered that there was now a "Switch Accounts..." menu option as seen in the image on the right.

When you click on that menu choice, you are taken to a new box where you can login as one of your pages.
Here is what my list looked like:


All of those are Facebook Pages where I have administrative access. I pressed the "Login" button next to "Voxeo" and was immediately taken to that Facebook page ... in a new view that showed me ONLY that page!

Voxeo Facebook page

Now, here is what is so HUGE about this:

Facebook (18)-1.jpg

Click on the notification icon... and HERE IS ALL THE ACTIVITY ON YOUR PAGE!


We've never had an easy way to do this before... we always had to scan down the page to see what was new. Very cool!

Clicking on the "facebook" logo in the upper left brings you back to your page...

And just as I was about to test out replying to people from the "Page" login and posting new updates... all of a sudden Facebook froze on me ... and I was looking at my regular personal wall again! Up in the "Account" drop-down menu, the "Switch Accounts" choice had disappeared...

Was this an "Oops, didn't mean to do that" by Facebook? A feature preview that escaped too early?

Whatever it was ... I WANT THAT FEATURE!

When will you roll this out Facebook? We want it NOW!

UPDATE: TheNextWeb has a post up indicating that Facebook released some (now-removed) prototypes.

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