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Congrats to C.C. Chapman on the launch of his new book, "Content Rules"!

cc_chapman.jpgA big congratulations to my friend C.C. Chapman and his co-author Ann Handley on the launch of their new book, Content Rules. As C.C. wrote about yesterday, he's rather excited... and understandably so!

I first met C.C. way back in the early days of podcasting when a bunch of us in the Boston area went to events like PodCamp Boston and other great events like that. We've all had a "New England Podcasting" mailing list that has kept a good number of us in touch over the years. I've long admired his incredible passion, enthusiasm and just generally insanely high level of energy!

And of course... the incredible amount of content he creates online!

Which, naturally, makes him the perfect author for a book called "Content Rules"!

I haven't read the book yet... my copy is being delivered soon... but judging from the reviews on Amazon so far I'm looking forward to reading what C.C. and Ann wrote.

They also recorded a great interview with Shel Holtz which you can listen to.

Congrats, again, to both C.C. and Ann!

P.S. And to those of you going to the Boston book launch party on Friday, December 10th, I'll see you there! ;-)

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