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2011 Target: 365 Days of Blog Posts

2011calendar-1.jpgAs part of my 3 Words for 2011, I've set myself an aggressive personal goal for my "CONTENT" focus...

I want to publish at least one blog post every day of 2011.

To define that a bit better, my target is to publish at least one post across my personal blogs:

(and any other personal blogs I launch in 2011). I'll also count any videos I upload to my personal YouTube account.

Additionally, I'll certainly publish posts at the Voice of VOIPSA blog and will be steadily churning out content over on Voxeo's blogs... but I'm leaving those sites out of my count.

Now the reality is that many days I'll probably publish more that one post across those four blogs... but there have been many days in the past when I haven't published any posts at all. And I generally have not been publishing any posts on most weekends.

To do this will take some discipline. I'll also be using the "scheduling" feature of my various blog platforms to schedule posts on weekends, vacations and when I'm traveling.

WHY am I setting this target? Partly just as a target to aim for. Partly to force myself to clean out the very large queue of blog post ideas I have. Partly to force myself to write and not get lost in all the distractions we have today. And partly as purely an interesting exercise to see IF I can do it.

Let's see how it goes... the good news is that you all will be very able to see whether I hit that target! :-)

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