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Is Facebook Reneging On Your Ability to Claim a Community Page?

Is Facebook reneging on our ability to "claim" community pages? Back on December 1, I wrote about how you could "claim" a community page on Facebook, after seeing an article B.L. Ochman wrote in Ad Age. But here's the thing...

Facebook has NOT contacted several of us who "claimed" pages.

Facebook hasn't contacted me in the month since I claimed a page... and according to others who have left comments on my original post, they haven't been contacted either.

And further...

Facebook has REMOVED the option to claim a page.

The bottom of the community page used to look like this (my emphasis added):


Today, with yet another Facebook user interface change, those options are over on the left sidebar... but look what is missing:


So what's the deal, Facebook?

Will we who are responsible for online marketing for companies ever have the ability to claim the Community Pages, as you said we would? Or are you yanking that ability?

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